I started working with Andie after I was made redundant and needed some assistance with securing a new, full-time job. Working with her has been an absolute game changer! After a tumultuous time, she really helped me to turn things around and see things differently. It helped me gain confidence and self-worth and allowed me to feel empowered, gaining a clear direction for my career going forward. I definitely feel more motivated, energised, happier and content with where I’m at. It was such a clarifying experience that enabled me to move through a challenging period and take action.
— Wendy, Entertainment Director

Having recently established a new startup business, I found myself in a real rut and didn’t feel as though I was achieving or moving forward, which was affecting both my business and my personal life. I felt I needed outside support to help me navigate the right steps forward for my business and also to get on top of the personal negative chatter.

Through working with Andie, it was really good for me to know there was someone else I could talk to, as the entrepreneurial road can be quite lonely. Our sessions enabled me to shift the momentum and to get clear on the goals for my business. It also strengthened my understanding of my own personal talents and helped me to stay on track with healthy living.

I would definitely recommend Andie. I would say, put everything out on the table from the outset to maximise your results and to get the best outcome for you. Thanks again Andie for being there, it has been invaluable.
— Luke, Founder

After only my first session I was ready to commit to working with Andie long term, as I could see the huge value it would bring to me both personally and professionally. I have had a few mentors in the past, but no one who has understood my particular business and its challenges like Andie has. Working with her has enabled me to not only gain clarity around my goals, but to develop new offerings within my business, recruit new staff members and to also establish a work-life balance after maternity leave.

I would definitely recommend any small business owner who wears many hats and has numerous responsibilities to work with Andie. She provides invaluable insights, objective thoughts and helps you to create a clear timeline of actionable steps to achieve your goals. What I love is that her approach is tailored to you and your needs. Working with her has been invaluable, and I am so excited for the journey ahead.
— Aimee, Director