My Why

Welcome to The Roar Truth. I gotta say, I'm so god damn happy to meet you all and I'm going to say it.... I'm proud of myself for getting this business launched and live! Why? Because it means I can finally connect with more people and that means I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone's life and that to me is everything!

You see for me, there is nothing else I want to do. This is it. I get up everyday with a drive to be the person I wish I'd had when life threw some serious shit and some full on curve balls my way.

The person I wish I'd had when I somehow stopped being me and instead tried to fit into someone else's and society's idea of who I should be.

The person I wish I'd had walking alongside me showing me the possibilities and the opportunities that I was somehow blind to.

The person I wish I'd had when the major life events popped their head up and I didn't know which path to take.

The person that I wish had come to me and said, "just be you - live unapologetically you" - which of course is now my mission.

As it turns out, I came through all that life stuff a better, stronger person for it and now I get to be that person for you. So this is the life I choose now. A life walking alongside you to show you that you can show up in this life and live unapologetically you. Imagine how good that would feel right?

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and as I do, I'll share more of my story, the lessons I've learnt and the tips and tricks that helped me, so they can help you too.


andie tickner my why