About ME

Hey there! I’m Andie, a fun-loving, smart, spiritual, straight-talking and intuitive creator of The Roar Truth.

As a Leo, I’m not afraid to tell it like it is; I am determined and heart-driven.

My mission is to motivate and guide you to achieve your goals and to help you live your awesome life.

Originally from the north of England, I made the move to Australia about 10 years ago, with a burning desire to dream big and make it happen; to do more and be more than I ever thought was possible. I have spent my years working my way up the corporate ladder, creating a successful career that has allowed me to grow, learn and manage some fantastic teams. I’ve done the hard yards and been a part of some amazing experiences working across a diverse range of industries, from media to music, entertainment, partnerships, content and agencies. I am proud of what I have achieved, knowing that my career has led me to where I am, and given me an invaluable skill set to now step up and live my calling: to help others live a life true to themselves.

Like most, life hasn’t been without its challenges – my mum passing away from cancer and my own struggles with bulimia have shaped who I am and taught me powerful lessons about myself. I spent years being someone I thought I should be based on my own opinion of myself, society’s expectations, past boyfriends and insecurities about whether I was good enough, thin enough, smart enough or rich enough. When I walked away from a toxic, abusive relationship and made my move towards The Roar Truth,  living my authentic life really began. I finally decided to answer the voice to do something more meaningful, one that I had spent years trying to ignore through new jobs and long work hours.

What shifted for me was a need to no longer be someone there just to make others happy, or to avoid a fight to keep harmony, but rather to start embracing who I really am – to get to know me, and all the pieces that make me unique. In short, the path to loving and accepting myself and knowing that I am enough.

Life’s lessons and years of working on myself, investing time and money into courses, coaching, personal development and training have now enabled me to rise and step forth fearless and courageous. I am living my purpose and making it possible. My belief is that if I can do this, then others can too. I created The Roar Truth to support, guide and lead you to finding your purpose, to leverage your individuality and achieve the life you want – to show up, to find your why, set your goals and go after them. Sometimes we just need some help, guidance or a wingman. It’s time to achieve the life you deserve, to live unapologetically as you.